Wild Rose & Forget-Me-Not Border


The Wild Rose & Forget-Me-Not Border comes with a choice of Joining Wool colours to allow you to further tailor the design to your taste. Choose from Gold or Blue joining to highlight your finished carpet and create a stunning edition to your home.  You have the option to choose your own background colour as well.  

The Starter Kit includes full instructions, joining example, four pieces of printed 10 holes to the inch canvas, a chart card for the 4 corners and side sections, Elizabeth Bradley Wool and needles.  Each corner piece needs to measure 150 x 150 stitches.  These dimensions need to be exact before commencing to join. This kit contains the joining wool for 1 x 16” design

The Side Section Kit includes printed 10 holes to the inch canvas, Elizabeth Bradley wool and needles.  Each side section purchased needs to measure 164 x 66 stitches. Joining wool is supplied for completing carpets up to a 6 panel with the purchase of the correct number of side sections (additional joining wool will be required to complete any larger carpets). Initial purchase of the Four Corners Starter kit is required as this contains the chart card and instructions.  You will need to determine the direction (horizontal or vertical) based on the placement of your side section pieces.  

If you would like an alternative background colour please contact our customer service team.

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