How to Use a Kit Organiser Bag

  1. Separate all your wool threads by colour.
  2. Select colour number 1 and check off against your wool code card.
  3. Take the threads and fold them in half.
  4. Feed the looped end of the threads through one of the holes in the acrylic wool organiser.
  5. Pull through around 2 inches of your looped thread.
  6. Feed the end of the threads through the loop and pull down to create a loose knot.
  7. If you find you have too much for 1 hole, split the wool placing the reminder to one side.
  8. Continue to do this until all of your threads are organised!
  9. You can also do this with your background wool though be sure to keep it separate for the design wool.
  10. With any wool that is left over, place into the bottom of your bag to keep it safe and clean.