How to Use a Wool Organiser

A wool organiser is a wonderful tool to keep your wool strands tidy and organised.  This tool makes it possible to remove individual threads without creating a tangled mess!  Here are a few easy steps to follow if this is your first time using a wool organizer. 

  1. Separate all of your wool threads by colour. 

  1. Take one group of threads (of one colour) and fold them in half.


  1. Feed the looped end of the threads through one of the holes in your Acrylic Wool Organiser.


  1. Pull through approx. 2 inches of your looped thread.


  1. Feed the end of the threads through the loop and pull down to create a loose knot. Do not pull too tightly as it will make it more difficult to remove individual threads.


  1. Continue to follow these steps for every wool colour.


7.  Once all of your wool threads have been secured and knotted, you can easily remove a single strand to begin stitching. From the front of your loose knot, you can pull out individual strands as needed but be sure to hold the ends whilst doing so. 


We encourage you to watch our video below showing each step described above.   You can find our Acrylic Wool Organisers on our Accessories page on our website. 


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