Stitching Spotlight - Connie Bain

Stitching Spotlight - Connie Bain

We are thrilled to introduce you to Connie, an avid Elizabeth Bradley stitcher. Her endless list of completed projects have even us in awe. Here's what she had to say... 


How long have you been stitching Elizabeth Bradley? 

I have been stitching Elizabeth Bradley kits since 1995. I was on holiday in North Wales in my partners' family holiday cottage and the neighbour suggested I might like to visit the EB shop in Beaumaris. "The wools and carpets are beautiful" she said. 

Draped across the counter was a six panel carpet of Botanicals on a Pale Green background with the Nasturtium Border. I was hooked! Sadly, the shop is no longer there but I have since created my own carpet. 

What is your favourite Elizabeth Bradley project you have completed? 

Every new kit I stitch is my favourite, but the project I'm most proud of is a stool cover I did from the Decorative Victorian Needlework Book, the Barley Twist Repeated Design. The cover measured 26" square and took a bit of time working out how to centralise the pattern and to work out the border. At the time I was a novice stitcher. 

What is your current Elizabeth Bradley work in progress? 

Currently, I'm working on the Heliconia from the Tropicals Collection as a birthday gift for a friend. 

I also create insert pillows from the 6" designs for all my grandchildren and friends grandchildren. They make a lovely keepsake and heirloom! 

What inspires you to stitch Elizabeth Bradley? 

The beautiful new designs keep me stitching and also new wool colours. 

What advice would you give new stitchers? 

Treasure the charts and wool cards, keep them safe and learn how to stitch a design by counting. It's not difficult, I learnt very early on when I attended a workshop, that way you can replicate the designs, maybe even try a different background colour. 

Thank you so much Connie for taking the time to tell us about your experience with Elizabeth Bradley, we can't wait to see everything else you complete. 


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Beautiful ❤️

LuAnn McKee

Wow, Connie really is an inspiration. How wonderful to find a lifelong passion. Happy stitching forevermore xxx

Alison N

Congrats! Have been stitching tapestries since I was 8, now 73.
Tapestried Italian ones, English ones, French DMC.
Unfortunately difficult to receive in Argentina, import restrictions.
But a pleasure to read EB ’s emails.

Rachel Scoffield

I also have been doing the EB needlepoint for around 30 years. My first one was the spring wreath, which was a Mother’s Day gift from my husband. Still have the pillow and it still looks great. I’ve done many pieces.

Diane Diggs

The Elizabeth Bradley books are wonderful. My twin sister and my older sister have sewn many of the tapestries from the three books. They are a must to have and really are full of wonderful projects for the seasons. Mine are a bit worn now after twenty odd years of use, but not only do you get the charts but lots of fascinating information to read and enjoy. I can’t praise them enough. Thank you Elizabeth Bradley I’ve lived all of them

Margaret Mitchell

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