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Share Your Stitching: Explore and Showcase Your Creativity in the Elizabeth Bradley Gallery!
Welcome to our vibrant tapestry of creativity! At Elizabeth Bradley, we invite you to share the masterpieces you've crafted from our premium needlepoint kits. Our Gallery is a celebration of your talent, passion, and unique creations. Using our form below, submit photos of your finished tapestries, showcasing the artistry, colors, and personal touch you bring to each stitch. Join our community, inspire fellow stitchers, and be a part of the rich tapestry of creativity.

Gabriella Tardito

Jackie Harris

Marguerite Day

Diana Davis

Needlepoint Pillow

Sarah Templer

Gabriella Tardito

cushions laid along the beach

Sally Winstone

3 needlepoint cushions on a couch

Gabriella Tardito

Jenny V. - 78 Panel Carpet

Helen Williams

Louise Wall

Helen Spiegelberg

Helen Spiegelberg

Patricia Mahoney

Julia Hawkins

Ángeles de la Fuente

Sophie Hamilton

Patricia Gumuchian

Bronwen Rapley

Three Needlework Carpets Floral Design

Lucie Zajdenweber

6 Panel Needlepoint Tapestry/Carpet

Jennie Schuster

NEedlepoint Tapestry featuring animals in red wool.

Vicky O.

12 Panel Needlepoint Tapestry

Jane H.

Caroline Friedman

Lisa Rave

Jeanne Staves

Jill Smith

Elaine Morgan

Laura Baeza

Carolyn Jewell

Marilyn Ashbrook

Beverley Ashdown

Donna Faircloth

Kim Kissner

David Utay

Regatta Mini

Toni Gilmore

Dimitra Kokotsaki

We'd love to share your work with our community!

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David Craven