The Versatile Finishing of Victorian Bell Pulls

Tapestry Bell Pulls have adorned homes for centuries. Used primarily during the Victorian Era, Bell Pulls were often seen as a sign of wealth and prominence, frequently made with rich fabrics and intricate needlework. More recently, Bell Pulls have gained popularity as an item of beauty to have in your household.
For those who desire a more traditional needlepoint finishing style, attaching Brass End Fittings to your stitched piece creates a Victorian heirloom to enjoy for years to come, while maintaining the integrity of the originally intended design.
Another approach to the Bell Pull finishing process is to stitch and join four of the designs to create a charming wall hanging or rug. This particular technique allows you to display all of your stitching in a single project.
The final finishing method is to stitch the Bell Pulls as a border for four of our 16” designs, allowing you to combine the compositions of multiple Elizabeth Bradley collections into one exquisite rug or wall hanging. 
Each of the Bell Pull canvases are printed with stitching guidelines for the multiple finishing options and ensure hours of project enjoyment. Shop the Bell Pull Collection today to create your next treasured Elizabeth Bradley project.

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