The Hellebores

We are thrilled to introduce new designs to The Shade Garden Collection:  The Hellebore Moondance, The Hellebore Midnight, and The Hellebore Winter Bells.

Hellebores, also known as the LENTEN Rose, are among the earliest and most exquisite flowers in the spring garden.  Their saucer-shaped flowers remain on the plant for several months, even after the petals have fallen.  The hues range from beautiful shades of green and yellow to pink and red.  The Hellebores join The Shade Garden Collection and are a perfect complement to The Hostas and Fern designs. 

Hellebore Winter Bells on Cream

Hellebore Moondance on Cream

Hellebore Midnight on Cream

Designer Vernon Kirk shared his inspiration behind this new collection.  

‘Every gardener will have noticed the abundance of Hellebores appearing over the past few years. They are everywhere from Garden Centres, Nurseries, Articles and Books --and with good reason! They are an exceptionally garden-worthy plant with such a breathtaking range of colour and form that they have become somewhat of an obsession.

With the wonderful success of our Shade Garden collection, we were inspired to add Hellebores as they make the perfect companions to the Hostas and the Ferns, lovers of dappled shade. They are one of the first flowers to bring joy to the spring garden and now into your home.’


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I am halfway the Christmas Roses, which are definitely hellebores, love them!

Clemence June 01, 2020

I’m nearly halfway through Hellebore Midnight. The colors—oh, the pinks and maroons!—are breathtakingly beautiful and look perfect against the butter yellow background.

Rose Mason November 05, 2019

Love this new kits. So beautiful colours

Jutta Rupprecht August 21, 2019

Die neuen Stickpackungen sind mit dem Motiv und in der Farbauswahl wunderschön. Eine tolle Kombination mit den Farnen

Jutta Rupprecht August 21, 2019

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