The Chelsea Autumn Garden!

The Chelsea Flower Show has become an inspirational staple for the design team at Elizabeth Bradley.

In 2021 the RHS hosted the first ever Chelsea Flower Show to take place in the Autumn. This presented a challenging and unique opportunity for designers and gardeners to showcase the amazing colour palette the season offers.

Our aim was to show the wonderful palette that autumn creates, with warming tones that herald the change of the seasons and the thought of cosy days to come.

Together with the help go our customers, who vote for their favourite elements, we start creating the layout for the artwork.

Watch our video to see this design come to life:


I love the “ Garden…” cushions ! They’re a real joy !!
The only thing I would add is a little bit of orange , burgundy, dahlia’s many pinks ,for Autumn is so much more than yellow.❤️

Francesca Berti August 22, 2023

I am currently sewing the Chelsea autumn garden. It is a lot of work but am really enjoying sewing it. I am on Crete at the moment and I have taken my sewing with me. I am here for 6 weeks. It is a delightful piece the colours are amazing and it is coming on nicely. Just bliss sewing on our balcony overlooking the sea. So peaceful and calm watching the sun go down with a nice glass of wine. What else does a girl need. Xx

Jane August 22, 2023

Es ist eine tolle Stickpackung mit vielen warmen Farben. Ich möchte es auf jeden Fall sticken

Jutta Rupprecht August 22, 2023

Lovely design. I think I will order it when I have finished my present project

Judy Smith August 22, 2023

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