How to Stitch - Reverse Victorian Cross Stitch

How to Stitch - Reverse Victorian Cross Stitch

Reverse Victorian Cross Stitch is used to stitch up long vertical sections of a design such as the stem of a flower and particularly useful when stitching the vertical sections of carpets and wall hangings. 

To complete the Reverse Victorian Cross Stitch -

The canvas should firstly be turned 90 degrees so that the top of the canvas is facing the left hand side, doing this ensures the needle continues to move horizontally and all stitches remain going in the same direction, you can check this  as when you turn your canvas to resume normal stitching, all the stitches will be worked in the same direction and laying in the same way as your other stitches.  

The below diagrams show how to complete the Reverse Victorian Cross Stitch for both right and left-handed stitchers. 

Unlike the usual left-handed Victorian Cross Stitch, the reverse stitch begins at the bottom of the stitch. 

We also put together a an insightful video to further illustrate how to master this useful stitch.


 Request a free stitch sample to give this stitch a go for yourself, containing a small piece of 10-count interlock canvas, needle and piece of wool, you can use this sample to practise this useful stitch. 

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The stitch sample really helps with confidence and gave me the courage to order a kit I had coveted for quite a long time e. The quality and attention to detail is superb

Kate Deighton

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