Fun Finishing for Mini Kits

The Mini Kit Collection is one of our most popular because the designs are diverse and come in a manageable size. Most commonly sewn as small and inset pillows or framed as wall-hangings, as pictured below, mini kit finishing can feel quite limited. We have gathered some of our favourite alternative finishing methods for these kits to inspire your future projects.
Traditional Mini Kit Finshing Styles
Accessories Holder
This accessories holder, featuring the Mini Anemone, is a nifty way to store all of your stitching tools with a touch of EB flair! With a pair of pockets and a piece of felt sewn into the fold, each accessory has a place to call home.
Accessories Holder
Joined Cushion
We joined four of our mini florals to create this 12” square pillow. This type of project is perfect for stitchers who would like to try their hand at joining before committing to a large-scale carpet. This piece would make a great addition to any space as an accent pillow. 
Mini Bloom Joined Cushion
Note Hanger
What better way to keep up with to-do lists and special reminders than an adorable note hanger like the one below featuring the Mini Dahlia? We adhered a small loop on the top for hanging & a grosgrain ribbon to keep up with anything you don’t want to forget!
Note Hanger

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Wonderful Cushion and good ideas for the minikits

Jutta Rupprecht March 01, 2021

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