Match your decor with our choice of background colours

At Elizabeth Bradley we understand that choosing the right background shade for your kit requires special consideration. 

To help you with your decision we have carefully selected a range of 18 shades that have proved popular and that give a wide range of options to suit your taste, whether that be to compliment a particular room or add contrast to make your finished project into a statement piece. 

Our customer service team are always on hand to give advice if you need help in choosing the right shade for any particular kit. Each of the shades have been selected to enhance the colours within the kits. 

Below are some insights to guide you and offer points to consider- 

Our most popular shades are Winter White (a recent addition), Cream and Black. 

Winter White is brighter and adds a sense of modernity, whilst Cream adds warmth and tradition. Black, traditionally associated with Victorian Berlin Work adds drama by lifting the colours in the design and adding vibrancy. Black can also be used to create a modern contemporary look.

We highlight the use of Cream and Winter White using one of our NEW Botanical Garden Nasturtium. With the orange tone of the flowers Cream background, shown on the left, compliments and adds warmth. The Winter white background, on the right, lifts the orange tones making them appear brighter and more contemporary. 

The New Botanical Garden Cowslip is shown here on Black, this contrasts with the yellows lifting them and creating a classic look. 

Duck Egg Blue is elegant and very English, think of a Cotswold cottage or stately manor. This shade works superbly well with our Shells Collection subtly complementing the natural shades within these designs. 

Our Greens offer a sense of calm, working well with all our Botanical and Floral kits. 

All our carder shades- Dark Blue, Dark Green, and Dark Red will add a similar effect and can be chosen to work with your interior.

Our pastel shades can add a fun element to the creatively minded. 

Experienced stitchers often have their favourite shades and choosing your own background shade is a wonderful way to personalise your project making it unique to you. 

If you change your mind, we offer a background exchange service for all un-opened background wool. Download and fill out our Background Wool Hank Exchange Form or fill out the one enclosed in your kit and send it back to the address specified. 

Our knowledgable customer service team are always on hand to assist you with any questions or offer advise. 

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