An Interview with Designer Vernon Kirk on the Blue Perennials!

An Interview with Designer Vernon Kirk on the Blue Perennials!

Immerce yourself in the deep, blue.... Perennials!

This contemporary yet classic collection focused on refreshing, uplifting and modern designs that add a shock of electric blue to your space. Our artist, Vernon Kirk, and his design team created a fresh new collection paying tribute to this powerful and versatile colour.

Where did you get your inspiration for The Blue Perennial Collection?

The world of interior design. From blue and white China to upmarket Hamptons homes and country cottages, blue and white interiors have a long-lasting appeal. Whilst green is the colour trend for 2022, blue is by far the most popular colour for interior decoration. The colour evokes tranquillity and sincerity.

Although relatively rare in nature, blue is one of the most popular flower colours for gardeners adding a cool elegance on long summer days. With few blue designs in the EB archive we decided it was time we took a dip into the blue yonder, wanting to create a collection that is fresh and that would work in many home settings. We set to work researching the most striking blues amongst gardeners’ favourites.

Did you have a space in mind that would be perfect for this collection?

I’d consider this collection in the bedroom; blue is a calming colour and can help keep your sleeping space tranquil and relaxed while not being afraid of adding a bright accent colour. Paired with the Ferns from the Shade Garden collection, a carpet or wall hanging will add an interesting focal point to the room with an airy and fresh colour palette.

How did you choose the florals for this collection?

The delphinium with its stately stature had to be on the list. Said to be named after the Delphi Temple, it is a symbol of joy, happiness and goodwill.
Unique and prestigious it is popular with florists for its wonderful grandeur.

A gardeners staple and the winner of the most intense blue flower goes to Salvia ‘Big Swing’, cherished by Sylvia lovers this handsome fellow flaunts its stunning floral spikes of velvety flowers from summer right through to autumn.

The Himalayan Poppy is a coveted beauty, with a tone of blue that is as rare as it is beautiful. Boasting large blue silky flowers contrasting with its golden stamen, this striking perennial couldn’t be left off our list.

Is there a one sentence statement you might make about this collection from a designer perspective?

So many colours go with blue beautifully, but none is more classic than a splash of white making our Winter White background colour a classic choice. Together, blue and white create a fresh combination that never feel overdone or unexciting giving a stylish way to add these colours to your home.

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Love this collection. How would I be able to get the pattern. I am new to this site. Absolutely love everything about it and the design.

Reena Jootla

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