An Interview with Designer Vernon Kirk

In 2018, Elizabeth Bradley brought the lush beauty of the tropical jungles into your home with the release of the Tropicals Collection.  Our artist, Vernon Kirk, and his design team created a fresh new series that perfectly captured the enthusiasm for contemporary botanicals.  

Where did you get your inspiration for The Tropicals Collection?

We've been intrigued by the global trend for all things tropical -- from exuberant houseplants to soft furnishings, adding a touch of luxuriant greenery to homes everywhere.  

Did you have a space in mind that would be perfect for this collection?  

The true allure of this collection is its ability to enhance many interior settings.  From a country conservatory to a trendy urban loft, the designs appeal to stitchers of all ages and tastes.  

Do you have a favourite design in this collection?  

My favourites are the single leaf designs.  They are a break from the traditional direction, but fall in line with the trend for lush, organic decor.  

Is there a one sentence statement you might make about this collection from a designer perspective?  

Without losing sight of Elizabeth Bradley's heritage, we created a fresh, new series that perfectly captures the enthusiasm for contemporary botanicals.  


I value very much these designs of tropical plants as I have lived in Africa and miss being there. To have a tapestry of them brings them near.

Susan Arstall August 22, 2023

More tapestries of birds please!

Elisabeth January 17, 2023

Just love E B s tapestrys great designs and they always stay in shape ,very little stretching not like most of the tapestry’s on sale Thank you E B for the wonderful hours of pleasure doing your tapestry kind regards Lesley

Lesley fraser September 23, 2021

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