A Look at the Elizabeth Bradley Library

In the 36 years since Elizabeth Bradley began creating inspiring needlepoint kits in Anglesey, Wales, Liz and our team of creative designers have launched over 250 designs. 

During the early years, the inspiration for these wonderful creations came from Liz’s love of historic Victorian needlework. These classic pieces have stood the test of time and have become unique heirloom pieces recognisable across the world and a must for all needlepoint enthusiasts.

The Elizabeth Bradley books have all been produced in glossy hardback editions due to their continued popularity across the world. Each book contains a wealth of hand painted colour charts, stunning photography and clear detailed instructions indicating wool colours and quantities, and practical information on stitching and finishing techniques.

Stitching a design from one of our books gives you the freedom to change the colour palette to suit your home creating a personalised project to be treasured for generations. 

Decorative Victorian Needlework was the first in a series of three books written by Liz, which provide stitchers with a wealth of charted designs following the company’s love for historic textiles.

This first publication focuses on Victorian Animals, Florals and Geometric patterns, all of which sit wonderfully in classic homely settings whilst inspiring creative stitchers to use these pieces in a contemporary unique way. This book also has a full chapter on carpet joining, walking you through the process from start to finish.

Decorative Victorian Needlework by Elizabeth Bradley

The second book, Needlework Antique Flowers is a must for flower lovers, showcasing over 25 designs to take the stitcher through the seasons.

Needlework Antique Flowers by Elizabeth Bradley

Needlework Animals published in 1996 takes inspiration from animal designs used in vintage textiles and is full of fun and nostalgic creations that transcend time to bring character to any home. From a carpet map of the world’s creatures to a full animal alphabet there is a wide choice of fantastic projects and gifts. 

Needlework Animals by Elizabeth Bradley

Our current website has over 250 designs for all tastes bringing up to date stunning pieces using a brighter palette for a luxurious contemporary look.

Elizabeth Bradley Design remains a vibrant business rooted in Wales where all our kits are still assembled by hand. Our wool is spun and dyed in the north of England and our state of the art printing is produced at our facility in North Devon, proudly maintaining our British heritage.

View the collection here.


I have been your Customer since more than two decades. Am extremely happy with the products. Except that they are too expensive for INDIA. But in any case ,am managing to be your faithful Customer

Mrs. Asha Sanganeria August 22, 2023

I’ve been doing needlework for over 55 years and have 2 of the Elizabeth Bradley books which I love. They’re a wonderful resource. That said, I sometimes wish to stitch a pattern in a more modern colour way than the older designs. It’s one of the reasons we all enjoy the Chelsea Garden series- the colors are more vibrant. Perhaps one of your designers could suggest a brighter color choice for some of the older designs?

Mary Cowley August 22, 2023

I have been with Elizabeth Bradley from the beginning and wish there was a new book . Fabulous company lovely designs my happy place

Vivien G Wells February 07, 2022

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