5 Benefits of Making Stitching Your Happy Place

Over the years, we’ve heard from our fellow needlepointers dozens upon dozens of reasons why stitching is their favourite pastime. This art form is more than just a hobby—it is a transformative source of comfort, joy, and relaxation for stitchers. Read on to discover just a few ways needlepoint has brought enjoyment to people all over the world!

Easy to learn

All it takes is a bit of practice to learn traditional stitching methods like Victorian Cross Stitch! We like to simplify it even more by providing plenty of resources to help you. You can either order a complimentary stitching sample from us or refer to our written instructions or video tutorials. We also have content to help you with with needle threading, organisation, and more here.  

Creates feelings of accomplishment

When you complete a needlepoint design, you are left with a physical representation of your hard work, dedication, and creativity. Each stitch is a testament to the time and effort you put into the piece. Many people have given their finished kits as gifts, or cherished them for decades to come as an heirloom piece because of the beautiful, high-quality results they yield.

Art therapy

Since it was first coined by British artist Adrian Hill in 1942, art therapy has been proven to have a lasting impact in people’s lives. Research and professional practice has demonstrated that art therapy can help you unleash your creativity, build confidence in your work, increase relaxation, enhance cognitive function, express emotions and so much more!

Sense of community

Stitching with friends and family near or far evokes a feeling of closeness and connection. At Elizabeth Bradley Design, we can attest to this! We’ve connected with so many incredible people both online via our social media pages (don’t forget to check out our community of 2,000+ on Facebook), in person at our stores and at events like the Chelsea Flower Show. New needlepointers will find a wonderful community of fellow stitchers who are always willing to provide support, tips, and encouragement. Seasoned stitchers reach a new level of enjoyment in teaching needlepoint to friends, children, and grandchildren. 


Looking for some extra “me” time? Focusing on your design is a wonderful way to relax after work, school, running errands, and more. Stitching as a form of self-care allows you to find your happy place in the calm, quiet surroundings where you work on your kit. You can work on your needlepoint projects at home, out in nature, or even while travelling for cherished moments of peace and serenity. 

How has needlepoint brought joy to your life?

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